About Sally Bennett


Design and decoration have remained a constant force in my work. I have been influenced by the decorative aspect of many artistic cultures; whether it is a Japanese kimono, a depression-era textile, Ancient Indian motifs or European decorative arts, all serve the same purpose of pleasing the eye and satisfying the soul.

I am drawn to serenity and balance in nature and in art. It is a fundamentally optimistic outlook. My paintings are an escape from chaos, darkness, ugliness, and disjunctive forces in the world. Yet the other side is important as well: the process of stripping away chaos informs the works. Some paintings evoke nostalgia; this is the residue of longing for an earlier state of grace. I have experimented recently with collage elements, using old print media that read like scrap books of a lost American innocence.

I have recently been very influenced by my time living abroad in Macau, China. Currently, I am excited by timeless graphic patterns that I am working to incorporate with organic images.


Meet Sally Bennett – artist, interior designer and creator of Mirth Studio.  Bennett’s career in design spans two decades, several states and two countries.  In New York she owned and operated Sally Bennett Designs for 16 years.  SBD specialized in decorative painting for both commercial and residential clients, including [Coach, Ralph Lauren, Disney, Saks 5th Ave, Tory Burch].  During this time she designed several legendary nightclubs and bars in Manhattan, notably Centro-Fly (whose richly painted interior was the backdrop for fashion shoots for nearly every major fashion magazine including Vogue, Glamour, Elle), Drinkland, and Le Royale and the Spyglass restaurant in Westport, CT.  She has also enjoyed success as a fine artist.  Her prints continue to sell all over the world through mass retailers such as Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and World Market, while her original paintings are available in galleries in Charleston.  Her paintings can be seen on numerous TV shows, movies and commercials.  Her work has also been featured in many publications including House Beautiful and The New York Times.  After living in New York, Connecticut and China, Sally now resides in beautiful Charleston, SC with her husband and 3 children.  When she is not painting or working away at Mirth Studio to develop cool flooring products, she spends her time on the endless renovation of the house that inspired it all.  “It’s true what they say, things do move a lot slower in the South.”


“Sally Bennett uses the instruments of color and texture to compose symphonies on canvas. Her paintings have a rhythmic quality based on the motifs of abstracted often botanical forms, and, like the melody of a beautiful piece of music, the images advance and recede in a harmonious interplay of color, light, and form that intrigues and pleases the eye. She says that it is the “mystery of color” that drives her to paint; indeed, it is the juxtaposition of one color to another that gives each pattern its voice in the structure of her paintings – the colors do not sing alone, but rather act as a choir, playing off one another’s rigorously calibrated tone to produce a single, harmonious note. She uses tinted plaster and bold colors to build tension that is relieved by her keen eye for balance and powerful composition.

Originally trained as a painter at the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Lacoste School of the Arts in Lacoste, France, Bennett spent many years honing her sense for color and balance in the field of interior design. Since she returned to her studio full time in 2007, that experience has informed her development and growth as a fine artist and attracted a committed following among designers and collectors across the country.” – Brooke Coleman