New Groovy Designs



These new paintings started out as designs for pillows. I am now obsessed with making more… repeat for wallpaper,  for i pad covers or gallery walls!  What do you think they should be?


I just know I love the symmetry, design and self- pleasing aspect to them.  I am looking at Indian and Chinese decoration, Rorschach as well as all things from  the 70’s.  I am just really happy to be painting what I want.  I will share this quote sent to me by my bestie and amazing painter Lisa,

“I expect other people to look at painting the way I look at painting, just as painting.  My work must be demanding for a spectator, but what can I do?  I think there’s some law at work – an invisible law – that means you can only accept certain things at a certain time – so that if you’re working to please yourself or catering to yourself, why should you cater to a looker or art critic?  Why should you meet their expectations?  If I destroy my own expectations, why should I worry about others’ expectations?” -Philip Guston

Oh!! I can’t wait to get to my studio today!

Here are a couple more but if you go to “new work” on my site you will see more